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  • Category Board Games
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.8.6
  • Size 797.50 kB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Ilyesoft

Monopoly USA 2013 is a strategy and family board game for Windows PC.

Monopoly USA 2013 was created by Hasbro and is a USA version of the classic Parker Brothers Monopoly game. Players must buy and sell real estate and other holdings in order to make a profit and eventually beat the competition and hopefully the bank. Monopoly USA 2013 can be played alone against the computer or with others. When players land on real estate, they must pay a rental fee, unless they own that real estate (a square on the board game), and the fee depends on the number and type of buildings which are on the square. Classic Monopoly rules apply to Monopoly USA 2013.

Monopoly USA 2013 is rated for everyone. The game contains most of the standard board layout for Monopoly, with a few add-ins to make it more interactive and entertaining for players on the PC. This edition has Marvin Gardens, Mediterranean Avenue, the Shore Fast Line (Short Line), Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the Atlantic City Electric Company (also known as Electric Company), Atlantic City Municipal Utilities (also known as Water Works).

Players of the PC edition will be able to choose their favourite game token, which is set on the board to visiually represent the person playing it and track their progress throughout the game. Interestingly, for some people the tokens are the game's most memorable part. Current tokens include the racecar, Scottish terrier dog, cat, wheelbarrow, thimble, top hat, shoe or boot, and battleship. Tokens which were previously in use but are now considered 'retired' by the board game are the rocking horse, lantern, purse, sack of money (1999 to 2007), man on horseback, cannon, and Iron.

Special tokens from the game are also available in the Monopoly USA 2013 version. These are items such as the robot, steam train, helicopter, guitar, ring, and director's chair.

Monopoly USA 2013 will work on a computer with Windows XP/Vista/7. Hasbro has also come out with other PC versions of their board games, including Monopoly: Electronic Banking, Crazy Cash Game, and Hasbro Arcade which is a smart phone app.


  • All the classic rules
  • Interchangeable tokens
  • Single player option


  • Can be glitchy with the graphics depending upon computer speed
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